Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Violet sheen shoes

This is the real version of the shoes violet sheen shoes of the new floor on sea of stars they only cost $50 SC!! cheap isn't it? and they are another pair like this in $6 SC! and I don't thought it twise I bought them. the shoes are from Alexander Mcqueen, that in my opinion is an amazing dark designer ( Im going to post about it later). with this shoes I used some purple and black clothes I really love the shoes and they look awesome with anything! The Other clothes from SOS Like the Bird for a feather coat & the Violet Sheen bottoms only cost $50 & $70 Starcoins

Are you plannig to buy something? (: 


  1. I bought them too as soon as I saw them!

  2. I don't know you, but... I think it's HORRIBLE, it looks like a leg of goat! T.T'

  3. They are amazing shoes, a total piece of art! Of course they are not for everyday wear but I would love to own a pair in real life too :P

    Alexander McQueen is amazing!! Very gothic taste!