Tuesday, August 2, 2011

differences between emo & scene styles

differences between emo & scene styles
I know the emo style isn't In the dark subcultures but... well here we go.

First, The emo style.
the emo style is caracterized by long black hair, some red,blonde or blue highlights,use some bows, and red eyeliner with black eyeshadows. in the clothes, they always use skinny jeans, a normal T-shirt (maybe with a skull), converse or vanz. oh yeah and black nails.  I made this Inspired make-up:

The scene style.
the scene kids are exactly like the emo kids, but are opposite at the same time, what I mean with this? I mean that the emo kid have long and black hair, the scene kids  have long and blonde hair, see? The scene kids use pink and light blue highlights on the hair, not red or blonde. The scene use bows to but Bigger,use skinny jeans too,and normal t-shirts but always light colors like pink. The scene style is Like the sweet emo is more girly. I made a make-up too:

what do you think?

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