Sunday, August 7, 2011

Piercing Styles: bridge piercing

hey everybody, sorry I couldn't post this weekend. But now I'm here & I'm going to post about the bridge piercing, one of my favorites :D

bridge piercing is a facial piercing through the skin on the bridge of the nose, usually directly between the eyes of the wearer. The bridge piercing is also known as an "Erl" or "Earl" piercing, after its first recipient, Erl van Aken. A variation on this piercing, the vertical bridge piercing is a surface piercing, with all of the risks or potential complications related to surface piercings.
The risk of rejection is quite high for this piercing, as it is a surface piercing. There is also a high risk of scarring when the jewellery is removed.

Bridge piercings are most commonly pierced with straight barbells, although curved barbells and surface bars are also possible initial jewelry. Once the piercing is healed, it is possible to wear a captive bead ring in it, although depending on the placement of the piercing, a D-ring styled ring may be necessary to prevent migration caused by the pressure exerted by the shape of a ring.
Like many other facial piercings, there are many misconceptions about bridge piercings. Some involve eye problems, such as involuntary eye crossing. Other beliefs have to do with infections from piercings spreading to the brain, via the sinuses. Bridge piercings are a minor piercing and carry very few risks or complications and no impact to the eyes. and we can make this piercing on stardoll !! with the piercings from sunny bunny (: and I have 2 on my medoll, here it is..


  1. Good post. I don't know why, but I dislike this type of piercing (and excessive facial piercings too.) >.<'

  2. I LOVE bridge piercings and I've seen many people with "excessive facial piercings" who actually looked damn good (:

  3. I've been thinking about getting my nose and nipples pierced and was wondering what you guys thought about piercings.