Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dark Subcultures : Cybergoth

Cybergoth is a subculture that derives from elements of cyberpunk, goth, raver, and rivethead fashion. Unlike traditional goths, Cybergoths follow electronic dance music more often than rock.

Cybergoth fashion combines rave, rivethead, and goth fashion, as well as drawing inspiration from cyberpunk and other forms of science fiction. Androgyny is common. The style sometimes features one starkly contrasting bright or neon-reactive theme colour, such as red, blue, neon green, chrome, or pink. set against a basic, black gothic outfit. Matte or glossy black materials such as rubber and shiny black PVC can be mixed and matched in an effort to create a more artificial look.
The black-and-monochromatic juxtaposition can take a variety of forms, including brightly colored hair and make-up, cybernetic patterns such as live LED circuit boards, body modification, gas masks and goggles (especially aviator-style), typically worn on the forehead or around the neck rather than on the eyes. The most common use of a theme color is in the hair or eye make-up. Artificial, extended hair or “falls” are sometimes used to create this added effect. Falls can be made of various materials, ranging from yarn to fluorescent tubing to electrical wiring. Popular club gear for cybergoths includes tight black pants, tight black vests or shirts cut from ripped, solid or fishnet fabrics, resembling costumes from 19th Century Gothic novels or early black and white horror films from the mid-20th century
The cyber are classified by their clothing and accessories. Among the most popular are:
Cybergothalso called Post-goth. Mix with cyber gothic trendThey dress in all blackand use materials such as latex and patent leather but without attracting attention.
Biocyber: those who use fosforocentes colorsIts symbolism is based on radiation and Biohazard 

Informaticthose who use blue, white and blackTheir heads are adorned cable andused as binary code symbology.
Terror: Follow the gore aestheticEnsagrentadas nurses, patients in mental hospital.Its symbolism is based on the red cross. Dress Color: white-red, red-black.

Military: those who use cybercafes military clothing and accessories combined withfuturistic. Its symbolism is based on rank and / or corporations invented.
Cyber ​​Industrial: They are sometimes confused with BiocyberIndustrial Real is directed more at the construction and production. Its symbolism is based onMechanical, danger, and nature.
Cyberpunk: those who use cloth torn, without harmony in their clothing. SometimesplaidHer hairstyle is mocainosUse any color.
JapanCyber​​: the decorations are exaggerated, the mixture has no boundaries or color or quantity of ornaments. They tend to be happierNot to be confused withVisual kei, but is associated with these by adopting some of their tendencies.

Also we have a very creative users with awesome outfits Inspired in theCybergoth Like -.Irina.- who has an awesome room on her suite :

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