Monday, July 25, 2011

Amy Lee

Amy Lee is the singer of the band Evanescence, I think many of you know it. One of theGothic artists or singers we have here in stardoll and a major inspiration (for me it is)she is characterized by using colored contact lenses.Lee has a recognizable style, marked by her occasional use of gothic makeup and taste for Victorian-style clothing. She also designs her own clothes, including those used in the music video for "Going Under", the dress she wore at the Grammy Awards of 2004, and the dress worn for the cover of The Open Door. After designing, chose Japanese designer H. Naoto to make it for her. At concerts, he wears a corset and fishnet stockingsand long skirts and knee high boots.

Albums 2000 - Origin | 2003 - Fallen | 2004 - Anywhere but Home | 2006 - The Open Door | 2011 Evanescence

  • Our Stardoll Version
     wrote the main theme of "The Chronicles of Narnia" and had begun to write more music for the film but her music was rejected for being too dark and epic
    I think it would have been better with her version, don't you?

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